Research agenda
Economic and Financial Governance
Financial Regulation and Supervision

Financial Regulation and Supervision

The research in the area financial governance relates to the following research questions

Research Agenda - Financial Governance


Should financial institution regulation be reformed?

  • ‘regulation’ refers to all types of rules and includes both public law, private law and soft law, relates to both rules themselves and their enforcement
  • ‘financial institutions’ include banks and credit rating agencies
  • this topic may be approached from a prudential/capital requirements perspective
  • this topic may be approached from a conduct perspective and include corporate governance, harmonization of conduct supervision, ethics

Should financial transactions regulation be reformed?

  • Is a case to be made for/against insolvency carve outs (netting, collateralized transactions)?
  • Should shadow banking transactions and institutions be regulated?

What is the impact of financial Europeanization on national systems of law?

  • ‘systems of law’ includes legal principles such as party autonomy
  • this topic could also be approached from a political science perspective

How to minimize disruptive effects of a financial crisis?

  • Includes the law, economics and politics of EU Banking Union