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Professor of Law and Economics

Klaus HeineKlaus Heine received his doctoral degree (Regulatory Competition between Corporate Laws, 2001) in Economics ‘summa cum laude’ and Habilitation (2007) at the University of Marburg (GER). Heine has ample experience in teaching European economic policy at the bachelor, master, and doctoral level. His research areas are European economic policy (especially state aid control and federalism), law and economics, and management, and he is one of the few scholars worldwide to work on the intersection of these three research domains. His research is recognised by an international audience through presentations at numerous international conferences and publishing in leading journals in the respective fields.

He taught and did research at the Philipps-University, the Ruhr-University (Bochum), the Free-University (Berlin) and the UMIT (Vienna). He was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago Law School (USA) and the Law School of the University of Bergen (Norway).

He is a member of the German Economic Association (Verein fuer Socialpolitik, member of the Council on Economic Systems and Institutional Economics) and he is a member of the Walter-Eucken Institute in Freiburg (Germany). He has published in journals as the Strategic Management Journal, Kyklos, International Review of Law and Economics, European Journal of Law and Economics, European Business and Organization Law Review, European Competition Law Review and the Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private Law. He has contributed to numerous books and was the editor of two books.

Klaus Heine was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law in june 2012. In the academic community, the Jean Monnet label is recognised as a sign of excellence. It was established by the European Commission as an initiative to promote teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions.

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