Professor Markus Haverland organized an international EURO-CEFG workshop on the effect of Populism on Economic Governance

EURO-CEFG's Research Fellow Professor Markus Haverland organized a two-days EURO-CEFG workshop entitled “Citizens, Populism and Politicisation: European Economic Governance and Beyond”. In a unique set-up, the workshop brought together political sociologists political scientists, political economists and lawyers. The focus was first on the underlying causes of phenomena such as Brexit, the Dutch rejection of EU-Ukrainian Trade Agreement and the rise of Eurosceptic parties. Secondly, the effects of these societal changes have been discussed on attempts of further European integration that go to the heart of the nation state, such as increased macro-economic coordination and EU imposed adjustment programmes,. Internationally leading scholars as well as promising early-career scholars presented (intermediate) results of their cutting-edge research projects.

Workshop Programme