EURO-CEFG published an in-depth study for the European Parliament on the role of the EU in the G20

The European Parliament is currently working on an extensive report on the role of the European Union in international economic fora such as the G20, the OECD or the IMF. In order to prepare this report the European Parliament commissioned in-depth studies on several international economic fora. One of the flagship studies was the one the role of the European Union in the G20. The European Research Centre for Economic and Financial Governance (EURO-CEFG) got successfully selected to write this study. A team of nine researchers from the Universities of Leiden and Rotterdam drafted an extensive study of around 90 pages under the lead of EURO-CEFG. The study was very much welcomed by the European Parliament. EURO-CEFG scientific director Prof. Dr. Fabian Amtenbrink and EURO-CEFG scientific coordinator René Repasi were invited by the European Parliament in order to present the main findings of the report and to discuss its conclusions with the Members of Parliament. The framework for accountability of international economic fora developed by the EURO-CEFG study will now form the basis of the upcoming report of the European Parliament.

EURO-CEFG Study on the Role of the EU in the G20