Conference on Membership of the Union and Membership of the Euro

In cooperation with one of the world's leading journal in European Law, the Common Market Law Review, EURO-CEFG organised a conference on EU Economic Governance at the University of Liverpool on 9 October. Prof. Stefaan Van den Bogaert (Leiden University) and Fabian Amtenbrink (Erasmus University Rotterdam) both presenting research closely linked to the areas of interest of EURO-CEFG. 

The problems which have beset the Eurozone in recent years have generated a momentum of legal and political reform that deeply affects both those Member States that participate in the Single Currency and those Member States which do not.

The conference explored the relationship between the institutional structures and policies of the Union as a whole (on the one hand) and the significant changes afoot in order to stabilise and strengthen the Eurozone (on the other hand).

Where do the Eurozone bodies “belong” within the Union’s institutional framework? How are the Eurozone reforms affecting relations (for example) between Europe’s highest courts? What impact does Eurozone reform have upon the Single Market or Union social policy (and vice versa)? And ultimately: if saving the Euro from its current woes means sacrificing the Union in its current form, is that a price we should be prepared to pay?

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