Brussels EURO-CEFG Expert Dialogues on Economic Governance

On a regular basis, the Centre organises ‘EURO CEFG Expert Dialogues on Economic Governance’ in Brussels for officials from the EU institutions and representatives of the leading thinks tanks in Brussels.
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EURO-CEFG Workshops and Seminars

In its interdiscplinary workshops and seminars, EURO-CEFG intends to stimulate a discussion between the disciplines of economics, law and political science that will lead to more comprehensive findings than a monodisciplinary approach.
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EURO-CEFG Lectures

The EURO-CEFG Lectures invites outstanding scholars to present their ideas and visions in the field of economic and financial governance to students, scholars and citizens.
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Contributions to Conferences, Workshops and Symposia

EURO-CEFG Research Fellows contribute to numerous conferences, workshops and symposia on economic and financial governance.

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